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10 Steps to Renewal at Any Age

May 4, 2017


10 Steps to Renewal at any Age

Renewal, what a great word. I wonder if we stop thinking about renewal, OUR OWN, after a certain age?  Do you ever think about renewal and refreshing your life?

There is so much talk about meditation as a good way to refresh.  And I agree, if I could shut my swirling mind off for awhile! So, I wondered, what renews me?



10 Steps to Renewal at any Age

Here are five of my personal favorites:

  •  April Fool’s Day.  One of my favorite days.  It’s right around the corner.  Why not think of something to do that will get a giggle out of you and whomever you ‘fool.’  I get Jake every year.  He hates bugs so at the right time I scream, “You have a spider crawling on you!” Then I stand back and watch him try to find the spider and get it off him!  It’s a riot.  Oh boy, I can’t wait! (Don’t tell him!!)
  • The Gotcha’ game.   Walk up to someone and say, “You have a spot on the front of your shirt.” When they look down to see where it is you take the side of your index finger and gently tap them on the underside of their nose and say, “Gotcha.” Ok, ok….I get it…But when was the last time you played that ‘Gotcha’?
  • Play board games.  Mexican Train is my favorite at the moment!
  • Call someone who loves you.  When I’m blue and need a virtual hug, I call my dear friends or family members just to say hello.  I usually don’t tell them I’m blue.  Just hearing their voices, their happiness because I called, grounds me and I’m all better.
  • Be Creative.  It can be the simplest thing. I have said before that Mom has the cutest little girl inside her.”Hi Mom,” I said when I called last week.  “Whatcha doin’?”  “I’m playing dress up in my closet.” Mother has always used her appearance as a form of creativity.  It’s one of the fun steps she takes that renews her . In the March 2017 O (Oprah) magazine, (which you can only view on-line if you pay for it-I bought it), is an article, on page 117, called: ‘Does Your Style Match Your Soul.’  It speaks to how clothes reflect who we are.

Mom’s certainly do:

One of Mom’s steps to renewal


10 Steps to Renewal at any Age

Here are 5 more:

  • Do something wonderful just for you.  A  friend said she always keeps her house and her car in great shape, now it is her turn.
  • Play.  Like you did when you were a kid.  How about Zip lining?  To watch one of my buddies run over a bridge and take a flying leap was priceless.  It was priceless because she was making the funniest sounds while doing it.  And right there her little girl showed up and so did everybody else’s kid!
  • Watch a Parade.  
    10 Paths to Renewal

    Alexandria’s St. Patty’s Day Parade


    Alexandria Virginia has 3 parades a year.  Military Bands, clown cars, dogs dressed up, kids, kids and more kids.  I laughed and giggled and waved and sang.  I searched Google: ‘How to find parades in your area.’  There were 85,700,000 results!!

  • Volunteer. Helping others is one of the best feelings in the world. Renewal at it’s finest.
  • LOL. Laugh out loud. I mean really out loud.  So loud that people will be looking at you wondering what’s so funny!

Please scroll down to Leave A Reply and share the steps you take. I know your reply will be appreciated by others. I will re-post this blog with your responses.

But before you do…you have a spot on the front of your shirt…GOTCHA’!


Originally posted 2017-03-09 21:12:08.

Jeanne Binder
March 9, 2017 at 9:40 pm

I love April Fools Day too! Have done some good ones over the years. Fake dog poop usually gets plenty of groans and/or shrieks. Think of creative places to put it

March 19, 2017 at 7:13 pm

Loved this! I can see you doing each of these and loving it. Your blog put a big smile on my face!

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